Who is KSD?

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I’m Ke Sneller and I founded KSD-Z Wraps™ with the goal of passing on a legacy of sustainability to the planet and to my son. Our goal at KSD-Z Wraps is to provide you, the garment maker and apparel designer, with quality R-PET and sustainable fabrics at reasonable prices.

My main business partner is Vishnu-Priya Sneller. An Indian native, Vishnu works with weavers in the Indian regions of Chennai and Secunderabad to produce quality fabrics sourced from local materials.  Our intent at KSD-Z Wraps™ is to bring positive change to the Indian garment manufacturing industry, both in size and impact.

KSD-ZWraps™ is supported by two other business partners: Anton Rivera is a graduate from the University of Michigan in MBA in Marketing and Corporate Strategy. Mr. Achar is an associate of G.S. Rao and Associates, a CPA firm in Chennai India. Mr Achar supports our Indian collaboration.

Ke Sneller Designs™ (or “KSD”) is a veteran owned business.  I served honorably in the US Navy from 1997-2004. Ké Sneller Designs™ is located in Oceanside, CA USA.

Our Mission

Our mission at KSD-Z Wraps™ is to Repurpose man-made plastic products, Reuse natural fibers that we have been throwing away, and Restore the global harmony in the natural biological cycle. By converting materials that may end up in a landfill into wearable apparel we’re helping to make the world a better place….one yard at a time.